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How To Match Prom Dresses With Your Eyeshadow

We know how important the prom gala is for any girl during that pinnacle of school life. In many cases in a hurry, girls don’t take the time to combine the tones of makeup or apply correctly thinking about the level of exposure to which your makeup while dancing, taking pictures and of course, social media filters. That’s why, to help you look stunning, today we give you a list of makeup looks and matching Prom Dresses to leave all the attendees shook with your beauty.


Maybe Michael B. Jordan will be waiting for you at the prom party, like it happened to this girl, as it was posted by Teen Vogue. Are you ready to pay attention to each tip and apply it on prom night? Well, it’s time to look radiant,


Basic tips for your makeup


  • Exfoliate: The first thing before a beauty routine is to exfoliate your face and lips. You will help prevent oily skin texture and instead, show freshness and softness.
  • Durability: For your makeup to last, look at self-service stores for a 24-hour foundation.
  • Makeup: Remember that your graduation makeup should not be the same color as your dress. The wave for 2019 is to play with different tones and let the magic express through your mug.
  • Brushes: Check the correct way to use the makeup brushes for better results.
  • Contour: Don’t forget to highlight your features correctly with cream or powder contour (using the big angular brush of your

8 Rules you need to live by if you have a financial market trading business

If you want to become successful as a financial market trader you need to understand the basics of trading. According to one of his senior advisers at Jones Mutual, terms such as keep your losses to a minimum may not sound very important to an experienced trader. This is where many traders fall off the wagon. In order to make a success, you need to adhere to a set of rules, whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner.


Never forget your trading plan

A trading plan specifies a complete set of strategies a trader should use according to his or her individual needs. A trading plan will include enter strategy, exit strategy as well as risk management. With a solid trading plan, you can do backtesting.This will help you develop a winning strategy for trading for maximum profit.


Make trading your business

Whether you trade full time or part time, treat your trading venture like your primary business. When treating it like a hobby, there’s no commitment to making profit.  However, when you rely on it for your paycheck, you essentially become a business owner. Since it includes expenses, taxes and some losses, trading for a hobby does not make sense.


Live in the age of technology

Running a financial market trading business does not require you to sit in front of a computer the entire day.  You are able to use technology to your advantage by making use of smartphones.  These technologically advanced devices …