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The Need for More Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana use in the alleviation of the effects of the diseases suffered by the terminally and critically ill has never been a straightforward topic for a long time. It is hard to find many places where marijuana is an accepted drug for any purpose. When it comes to medical purposes, the ban was viewed as unfair, as it was driven by political reasons, not scientific ones. The groups pushing for the ban were in support of pharmaceutical groups, with their pharmaceutical alternatives.

It has been proven that marijuana plays a major role in the management of cancer patients. It has been shown to be effective in the curbing of nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment, as well as the later stages of the disease itself. It has also been used to eat HIV and Aids patients to eat more, more frequently. Marijuana can also be administered to patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, brain cancer, and other conditions.

When you consider the many benefits of the drugs, it becomes necessary to find out why the drug remains so unpopular in other quarters. It can be seen that many political and special interest groups do not wish to see the continued acceptance of the drug, for their selfish reasons. These groups proceed to tarnish the name of the drug, so that they can benefit financially and politically from the adoption of their alternative solutions. What they have successfully advertised is a negative image of addiction and abuse of the drug. When people see this; it becomes difficult for them to imagine anything positive about marijuana. Politicians receive financial backing from pharmaceutical companies, for the sole reason of their ability to reach a wider audience and formulate policies that will ensure marijuana remains an option not available to many. For their services, politicians will receive adequate compensation for all their publicity work. The same politicians will use their acquired powers to ensure no law passes that could threaten the pharmaceutical companies’ interests.

Apart from marijuana and pharmaceutical options, there are other solutions that need to be looked into. This argument does not hold, since that would mean subjecting people to far worse and heavier drugs, with proven track records of extreme dependency and havoc to the users’ lives. Some have tried to use cocaine, heroin, and oxytocin for medical purposes. They proven terrible at their job. It would be terrible to consider ever using them. They also make a case for marijuana even stronger. It comes out as the cheaper and more effective option. It also exists naturally, unlike them.

Politicians and their pharmaceutical supporters are blocking the official application of marijuana for medical purposes. It would be a brilliant idea to allow for the setting up or more marijuana dispensaries in the world. This would present the best option to those in pain and suffering. We have been programmed to see marijuana as an evil, when it has been a solution right in front of us.

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