Bringing Classy to Your Clothing

There is an amazing style available to women— it is that clean cut look of solid colors. Can anything look much more calming than a pair of white pants with a brown knit sweater? This style of fashion can give the one wearing it a peaceful, sensible appearance while still giving you an adventurous look. If you would like a little help understand styles of fashion, here is a Wikipedia link you might enjoy:


Bermudas are the almost romantic looking version of shorts. Bermudas are long enough to have a modest and reserved appearance while still seeming calm and cool. Whereas shorts give a girl the appearance of being free and easy, Bermudas give more of the look of someone who is slightly mysteriously. Bermudas fit a woman sitting on a hammock beside the ocean while reading a book well.


Blouses can be a pain to maintain, but overall they are adorable. They have a business look, and they go great with the afore mentioned Bermudas. You can find blouses in just about any color. Think about it a bright red blouse with a pair of gray pants and you are set to go any where. Blouses can be found in many different styles, but they just about always look great. The history behind the blouses is also very interesting, if you would like to know more about it, here is a Wikipedia article about them:


Nothing yells free and easy while still maintaining a good bit of a calming charm like a skirt. Skirts are no longer out of style and they are ready to take the summer by storm. A skirt has an almost natural calm to it, and gives a girl the look that she is ready to take on the day. Skirts look great in earth tones, or with stripes down or across them.


You probably think of dresses as being too business and formal for you to wear one just for fun, but this isn’t true. Dresses can have a very interesting but sweet appearance. You don’t have to wear a dress that drags the floor to wear dresses either; you can find one just right for you.

Stripes and Patterns

I have not had the chance to mention stripes and patterns yet, and believe me they need their section. Nothing can make a piece of clothing pop like another next to it with stripes or patterns. Just be sure to find some color in the stripes or patterns that will work with the solid; if there is a stripe of green in that blouse it would complement a pair of green pants well. Although solids can be great together, stripes and patterns bring an amazing bam to your outfit that nothing else can pull off. One word of warning on the patterns though: Be careful while picking out your outfit using patterns, using more than one color as the main color for your wardrobe can end up looking ridiculous if the colors don’t fit well together. Try to find one color in the pattern to focus on and then use white or brown to fill in the gaps.

Adding to Your Closet For Less

One way to find clothing that will really go great together is by looking on websites like Groupon for wonderful deals. This is one way to add to your closet without going broke in the process. You can find all kinds of great deals on the clothing you love by searching for discount codes.

So now you have a little better of an understanding of style. What better time is there to find out more than this moment? It is now up to you; go find that perfect top to go with those amazing pants.