How To Match Prom Dresses With Your Eyeshadow

We know how important the prom gala is for any girl during that pinnacle of school life. In many cases in a hurry, girls don’t take the time to combine the tones of makeup or apply correctly thinking about the level of exposure to which your makeup while dancing, taking pictures and of course, social media filters. That’s why, to help you look stunning, today we give you a list of makeup looks and matching Prom Dresses to leave all the attendees shook with your beauty.


Maybe Michael B. Jordan will be waiting for you at the prom party, like it happened to this girl, as it was posted by Teen Vogue. Are you ready to pay attention to each tip and apply it on prom night? Well, it’s time to look radiant,


Basic tips for your makeup


  • Exfoliate: The first thing before a beauty routine is to exfoliate your face and lips. You will help prevent oily skin texture and instead, show freshness and softness.
  • Durability: For your makeup to last, look at self-service stores for a 24-hour foundation.
  • Makeup: Remember that your graduation makeup should not be the same color as your dress. The wave for 2019 is to play with different tones and let the magic express through your mug.
  • Brushes: Check the correct way to use the makeup brushes for better results.
  • Contour: Don’t forget to highlight your features correctly with cream or powder contour (using the big angular brush of your brush-set), and create a more stylish look.
  • Cheeks: Apply blush under the cheekbones, preferably in subtle pink or brown shade.
  • Eyelashes: If you want a more peculiar look, it is advisable to use false eyelashes.


And now, one of the most crucial makeup steps: Eyeshadow.


Smokey eye


This look is excellent if you want your eyes to look glorious and sensual. It is the essential makeup tip that we should all use in our graduation. For the rest of your makeup as the contour, blush and lipstick do not use very pale colors, the level of intensity you decide – the more intense and striking, the better.


The perfect counterpart to this makeup would be a beautiful silver dress, as an example, the most recent line by Jovani: The Silver V Neck Beaded Couture Dress. A sensual model, deep V-neck and leg opening will make you look fabulous; a fashion house that is dedicated to embellish the dreams and natural attributes of girls around the world.


Unique Shade


If you want a more natural makeup, this is the right makeup for you. You can do it using matte or bright tones; with a little black shadow, it will give your eyes a vaster volume and gradient. Using only one eyeshadow color will highlight the blend of your makeup and your gorgeous features making it minimalist but memorable.


To continue with the previous example, the previously mentioned European collection, Jovani, have a variety of precious and affordable Prom Dresses: Black Cap Sleeve Mermaid Dress. Embroidery and rhinestones patterns with nude illusions for a dramatic and fashionista arrival to the event.


Shimmery Fantasy


Perfect for makeup graduation, much better if you apply in gold, silver, and pink. A remarkable contrast for this makeup is the prom dress par excellence, Navy Backless High Low Prom Gown. By looking like a princess, you can use light fabrics and a deep neckline to feel confident during the summer season.


Minimalist Mate


Mate effects are a significant trend, set to rule the world in 2019. Believe it or not, the makeup result on the eyes looks fancy but stylish. Perfect for warm weather or as a day dress during the ceremony. A floral lace piece like the Jade One Shoulder Ruffle Neckline Long Dress exudes ethereal simplicity; Feel yourself float on the dancefloor with this type of Prom Dresses.


Cat eye


This kind of outline is a vivacious and flawless look for an extraordinary occasion like prom night. If you opt for the cat eye, give it a priority in your look – besides to your dress-, the rest of your makeup can be as loud or straightforward as you wish.


For simple looks, it is best to have a warm color dress; in this area, nothing beats the great Gold Fully Beaded High Neck Fitted Prom Dress, full of precious stones and delicate details.