Order High-Quality Items for Employees

Some employees are required to wear Lapel pins or insignias that indicate their position, carry keys while on duty or display badges while on the premises. Providing cheap and flimsy items will hinder compliance, end up costing a small fortune in replacements, and sends the message that the owner does not really value employees. None of those situations are a positive for the business.

Finding an experienced manufacturer that produces high-quality pins, key holders, crests and insignias, and security badges in custom designs will save the business money and improve employee morale. A business-to-business company will offer items in bulk at discounted pricing. Ensuring employees look professional puts the business in a favorable light without breaking the budget.

A Variety of Processes

The process selected for the final product will determine the pricing level of the order. Providing a variety means business owners can find something in their price range. All processes are completed in a state-of-the-art facility utilizing the latest technology to ensure high-quality, high volume capabilities, and on time delivery. Owners can order sample packets containing examples of different processes for a nominal fee that is credited to the business on the first order.


The Cloisonne hard enamel process is luxurious, durable, and the highest quality available. Sixteen finishes include gold, black nickel, chromium, and antique brass. A more economical option is Epola, which is also known as imitation hard enamel. This selection allows a two tone finish to be used in addition to standard ones.

A third enamel choice is a soft enamel. It is not as durable as hard enamel, but an epoxy coating can be added for extra strength. Any of the enamel processes will result in products that any employee would be proud to wear or carry.

Other Choices

Photo etching is a process that uses vibrant colors. It is an excellent selection for detailed artwork. The only drawback is that the plating is limited. Gold, nickel, brass, and black nickel are the only choices for plating. Zinc Alloy Injection is another process that is cost-effective and recommended for detailed pieces.

Printing Processes

Offset printing provides an exact reproduction of the business logo or submitted artwork. The printing is completed directly on the metal. Brass, aluminum, or stainless steel materials are used with gold or nickel plating options. Silkscreen printing on hard enamel and photo paper printing round out the process options.