Research Is Essential Before Purchasing a Mattress

Spending at least 25 percent of each 24-hour period in one specific location would make that location’s comfort very important, it would seem. People don’t consider the impact the wrong mattress has on their sleep as well as their waking hours. Often chosen for price alone, a mattress that doesn’t give its owner a comfortable night’s rest isn’t worth the price, no matter how low that price is. Choosing the right mattress requires some effort and research.

How the wrong mattress can impact health

There are several health problems that can be aggravated by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Some of the most obvious are back problems, which can become worse if the mattress chosen is too soft and doesn’t properly conform to the body’s contours. Sleep apnea is another health problem that can be made worse by an improperly chosen mattress. Physicians who specialize in treating sleep apnea are increasingly recommending adjustable beds that allow owners to adjust the firmness of the mattress as well as its position. Finally, allergies can be a very real problem. Dust mites in pillows, linens and the mattress itself can cause reactions that interfere with a restful night’s sleep.

What to look for when choosing a mattress

The wide range of mattresses can quickly become overwhelming for shoppers, but there are some basic tips that can help narrow down the possibilities. Deciding whether to purchase a memory foam, innerspring or adjustable air mattress is the most important of the choices that need to be made. Once research has been completed on these types of mattresses, the best way to make the right choice is by testing a range of mattresses. That is accomplished by spending several minutes lying on each mattress in the store. If testing a mattress in person isn’t possible, it’s essential that a shopper become familiar with the seller’s return or exchange policy.

How to research mattress options

Numerous online researchers have done the extensive work of reviewing mattress pros and cons at various price points. Mattress shoppers can save a good amount of time by taking advantage of valuable online research before narrowing down their choices to just a few final options. It’s easy to find details about mattresses that range in cost from just a couple of hundred dollars to up to several thousand dollars by visiting a website such as Ted & Stacy’s Mattress Guides.