Reviewing The Causes Of Back Pain And How A Mattress Can Help

Back pain and mattress selections are correlated. Consumers should consider the cause of their back pain when choosing a mattress. The treatment strategies for the back pain could also play a role in the mattress selection process. When purchasing a new mattress, the consumer should determine what choice is right for them based on their prescribed treatment.

Muscle Strain and Its Effects on the Back

Typically, muscle strain is caused by improper lifting of items that are heavy. The consumer could also move suddenly and stretch a ligament causing a strain. When treating either condition, doctors recommend that the consumer sleep on a mattress that is comfortable. It is also recommended that the consumer use ice or heat therapy. A memory foam mattress that is infused with cooling gel could help the back heal more effectively.

Sciatica Related Back Pain

Sciatica is caused by pressure which compresses a spinal nerve. The consumer could experience numbness and pain due to sciatica. Patients with the condition could also have a herniated disc in their back. When selecting a mattress, the consumer should consider how they sleep and how it affects the frequency of sciatica pain. The mattress should relieve pressure in the back based on the way the consumer sleeps. For example, a softer mattress could provide side sleepers with relief by providing adequate support.

Osteoarthritis Related Back Pain

The condition affects the consumer at a gradual pace. However, it leads to a higher frequency of pain and sciatica. Doctors often recommend that the patient follow strict bed rest orders when they are symptomatic. The patients could choose a medium firm mattress if they sleep on their back. Memory foam with coil innersprings could provide enough support and help the consumers get out of bed easier.

What Factors Should the Consumer Consider?

The mattress should support the heaviest portions of their body without sagging. It should support the natural curves of the body and prevent pressure points. The consumer should also consider their height when choosing a mattress size.

Mattress selections could improve the way consumers sleep and prevent lower back pain. Existing conditions that cause back pain should be considered when purchasing a mattress. The mattress could accommodate the treatment recommendations for the consumer’s back pain. Consumers who want more information can view this site now.