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Here is Why The Menstrual Cup is Growing in Popularity

In the past, tampons were the preferred sanitary protection for millions of women. But, menstrual cups have been slowly increasing in popularity as the word is spreading about how much better they are than sanitary pads or tampons for the consumer’s health and the environment.

So why do individuals who know much about menstrual cups Love them so much? Various women who’ve given them a try refuse to go back to using disposable sanitary protection.

Every person has their reasons, but we will discuss the most common.

You just need one menstrual cup, and you can use it to for several decades. This makes it much more cost-effective in the end than buying tampons or disposable sanitary pads each month. One can employ this cup for a period of at least ten years. But should you follow the guidance given by physicians for personal hygiene, then you need to change these cups annually and still save a little money.

You will notice that the substance used in manufacturing the cup isn’t irritating when you’re using the menstrual cup, and you can adjust it for your use. The best part is that unlike sanitary pads, it does not absorb moisture from the body and just takes the flow.

When traveling, you may only have to carry one cup rather than carrying the entire stock of your sanitary pads. This enables you to travel more conveniently and comfortably void of any worries of washing the fabric or throwing the waste.

There’s one place where the menstrual cup tops the list, and this is that they’re comfortable as they don’t make you feel moist. The cups can absorb more than the tampons.

Menstrual cups don’t result in Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potentially serious condition which could occur because of the use of tampons.

When participating in activities like swimming and yoga, one can put on a menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups have more liquid, and so you don’t need to change them often when compared to sanitary pads and tampons.

Moreover, menstrual cups are less likely to result in thrush and dryness that some women experience with sanitary pads and tampons.

The best part is that with these cups, the dilemma of throwing away the waste and damaging the environment is not a problem anymore. The production of these cups does not deplete resources since they are made of silicon and they it is easily available.

After considering everything, we discover that the menstrual cup Is the very useful and beneficial product to use whenever you’re on your period. It is a practical way to end the discomfort or wastage which is mostly caused by the other sanitary products.

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