The Growing Trend of Branded Workwear in the Australian Construction Industry

The construction industry in Australia has gone through various stages to reach at a new height of productivity and output. Nowadays, there has been a decline in the use of formal clothing and an increase in the use of branded workwear.

Moving on further, let’s take a look at the growing trend of branded workwear in the Australian construction industry.



A same coloured or a similar designed dress offers uniformity.  It makes all the employees look equal and united. The shift towards branded workwear can be due to this reason.

Construction workers can’t wear tight dresses to the site as it would restrict their movement. Many times they have to make quick decisions so they need clothes that impose fewer limitations.

That is why a custom build uniform is needed with the company’s logo imprinted on the front or back side of the dress. Custom Gear has a wide variety of custom printed clothing which you can easily wear to a construction site. The clothes are comfortable and will help you to move freely.


Identifying is Easier

Printing the brand’s logo on a shirt makes it easier for the workers and managers to identify each other. It is common for intruders to enter a construction site without getting an approval or permission from the chief person.

These trespassers might be harmless but you really can’t judge their intentions by looking at their faces. A shirt with a company’s logo comes in handy to recognize the construction workers and prevent unauthorized people from messing up the project.


Does Colour of Your Dress Matter?

Some people consider blue as a colour of peacemaking and trust. It generally provides a warmer approach. Red colour is considered as an influential one which depicts leadership and confidence.  So colours might stand you apart from others.

On the other hand, brown colour depicts a feeling of reliability. Whether you need a brown, red, blue or black dress, WorkwearHub can provide you with different types of uniforms and workwear items that are made for workers in the construction industry.


Getting Rid of Suits

According to a study, only one out of 10 people wear a suit to work. More than 50 % of the total workers are of the opinion that casual dresses are easier to manage and are less expensive as well. Moreover, some employees also said that it reduces the hassle of looking good all the time.

There has also been a huge decline in the use of cufflinks and ties as workers in the Australian construction industry are moving towards branded workwear.

Some construction managers have to travel to different sites. If they wear a suit, it would be difficult for them to be comfortable throughout the entire journey. That is why there is an increasing use of branded workwear in the Australian construction industry.