The Simplicity Of Pipes And Bongs

Every veteran stoner loves a good joint. In a way, it feels like the most wholesome way to consume your cannabis, and it’s a unique and pleasurable experience to pass a nicely rolled joint around with some friends. Pipes and bongs, however, are a close second, and even superior to joints in the minds of many old-school purists. Everybody’s got their own way of rolling joints and that’s part of the appeal, the personal aspect of it. For everyone I’ve ever known that was just learning to roll, including myself, it’s a totally foreign concept that just sort of clicks in a different way for all of us. A lot of the pleasure from rolling up your own joint and smoking it comes from the personalized nature of the whole process and the unique tricks and techniques people learn in the process. There’s also a huge range of different kinds of papers and filters to add to the personalization of rolling joints, so no wonder people get attached to their own individual rolling rituals. Some people out there prefer pipes and bongs for a more simplified smoking experience though.


    For many people their personal rolling routine or rituals bring calmness to their mind and is part of their unwinding after a long day of work. Others might prefer to get right at their stash without any nuisance. Not everybody enjoys dexterous acts like twisting a small piece of paper into a joint, and nobody can argue that it doesn’t get any simpler than pipes and bongs when it comes to consuming cannabis. When all you have to do is flick a lighter and inhale away, nothing allows you to smoke up nearly as quick as a pipe or a bong.

It’s Not As Complicated As It Looks

    I could understand if some people reading this are thinking “but bongs look super complicated, how is that easier than smoking a joint?!”. Some bongs look complex just in the way they’re designed, but the truth is every bong is smoked the same simple way. Small water pipes are as simple as any normal pipe except it bubbles when you inhale. Most bigger bongs either have a closed airway so you lift the bowl to inhale your hit, or remove your finger from a carb which opens the airway. Either way it’s the same concept, and there’s no question that loading up a bowl and ripping away with pipes and bongs is faster and easier than rolling and smoking a joint.