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The Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves exist in very many types and forms. These gloves are widely distinguished based on their sizes, weight and shape. Boxing gloves are expensive and hence one has to choose only that which fits their needs. Boxing gloves are largely specialized in purpose hence when buying a pair one ought to choose that which fits their purpose. Discussed below are some of the types of boxing gloves.

Heavy bag hitting gloves. Due to the weight of the bag being hit, these gloves are largely meant to protect your hand while hitting the bag. These gloves are largely used in a training session to hit training aids. Knuckles are supposed to be protected by such gloves from the heavy impact generated from punching into heavy bags.

Gloves during sparring with your partner. These are gloves designed to protect both you and your sparring partner. These gloves shield the sparring partner from getting kicked out as they grow your skills. These gloves, unlike the competition gloves, are more padded to prevent injury. They are recognized due to the protection is given to both the knuckles and the wrist. These gloves are heavier than most of the other gloves hence they help in building strength and enhancing endurance more so to the shoulders.

Training gloves. Most of the boxers have this type of gloves. They are made in a special way ensuring that they can fill most of the training needs of a boxer Since training needs are diverse getting a boxing training glove that will fulfill all your needs is difficult. These gloves may not be appropriate for both bags hitting and sparring as they may not be soft enough or hard enough. Most of the people who will use these gloves are those that are fresh in boxing.

Competition gloves These are the gloves used for fights. Mostly these gloves are used by the boxing professionals. These gloves have less padding to ensure that the entire impact lands on the opponent. These gloves are designed to be used exclusively for competitions. Using these gloves for other reasons and not competitions may cause injuries. A boxer will spend more to purchase these gloves than any other type of gloves.

Gym gloves These gloves are used for workouts such as hitting objects. These gloves protect the user from any injury due to the heavy padding is done on them. Those that have been using these gloves and may want to use them as they start boxing are heavily discouraged as these gloves are shortlived. Comparing these gloves with all the other types, they are the ones with the least padding.

Gloves used in kick boxing In the recent times these gloves are gaining market. They are similar to a majority of the boxing gloves. These gloves are designed specially to enable the boxer to catch the opponent using their hands.

The Key Elements of Great Gear

The Key Elements of Great Gear