Want to be popular in college? Here’s what you need to do


The fashion journey initiates from the college and university days. You are out of the school, stepping into a whole new surrounding filled with unknown faces. It’s crucial to carve your own niche to distinguish yourself from the others. One way to get noticed is to dress well.

A remarkable dressing sense can win accolades from your peers, faculty members, and everyone else on the campus. College life is all about studies and casual life. Thus, you should adopt a casual look, nothing fancy that looks odd for college goers. Check out the following trends that can make you a celebrity in your college.


Upper Wear

  1. T-shirts or Polo

T-shirts are the most obvious choice for college going folks. Purchase a couple of t shirts online in different designs such as cool and funky prints, basic crew neck or v-neck t-shirts, and so on. Throw in some variations by flaunting classic polo t-shirts for a semi-formal look.

  1. Sweaters or Hoods

If it’s not so warm, prefer layering your innerwear with simple and sober knitted sweaters. A slim fitting or a regular fit sweater will complete your attire in the best possible manner. On the weekends or on sports day, hoods are a viable replacement for sweaters. Jackets can be a good option but when used seldom.

  1. Shirts

There is no compulsion that you need to wear t-shirts on each day of your college. Display your sincerity or adopt a change with adorning a formal look. Shirts can elevate your charisma if you can work out a decent combination of slim fit shirt, chinos, and formal sneakers.


Bottom Wear

  1. Jeans

If nothing works out, jeans will always do. And when we talk about college, jeans is an inevitable aspect (heard Purani jeans aur guitar, right?). Keep a pair of jeans in your closet, at all times. Flaunt them with t-shirts, polo t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc; they will always meet your expectations, and of others too.

  1. Shorts

While for some this may be a dicey situation, but if done right, shorts can turn the heads. Flaunt your chiseled calves (if they exist!) while wearing denim shorts or chino shorts. Wrap a trendy canvas belt around the shorts to complete the look. In addition to the outfit, your attitude can make a significant difference.

  1. Chinos

Chinos can be alternative to the jeans. But with t-shirts, they may look odd. With polo t-shirts, they can still look decent enough. The ultimate combination will be of chinos, shirt, and flat boots. Along with this, complete the outfit with swanky wayfarers.



  1. Sneakers

Sneakers are the first preference for all the college goers. Nothing can beat the style and comfort provided by a pair of sneakers. Whether its slip-on sneakers or leather sneakers or normal sneakers; avail the right pair that will complement your collection of jeans and t-shirts.

  1. Trainers

Some college goers might not favor sneakers. For them, trainers are the ultimate trendsetter. If you are into sports, trainers will find utility there as well. And along with the jeans, the combination is simply unstoppable. However, ensure that the trainers are not too flashy to steal the complete limelight.

  1. Flat Boots

Flat boots are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. You can wear them with jeans and you can also wear them with chinos. During interviews or presentations, flat boots can also serve the purpose of formal shoes. Thus, a pair of flat boots should be kept in your shoe rack.