What are the different types of watches?

A watch has always has a very unique attraction; more than all the accessories put together. Watches have always been associated with style, fashion, lifestyle than its primary purpose of telling time. The choice of men’s watch is varied and in depth understanding of this market is essential to pick the best suited ones. Many types of watches are available in the market based on shape of dial, mechanism used and their application.

So let’s take a look at the different kinds of watches that you can buy.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is bought for the sole purpose of complementing a formal outfit or a business suit. But it is important to find the right one that suits you best. Features to look out for include proportion; it should be proportionate to the wearer’s wrist. Since these are worn with suits it is important that they have thin straps and thin casing so that it can slip in and out of sight of a suit or shirt sleeve. Simplicity is the right way to go with a dress watch.

Analog Watch

An analog watch is a watch with a face representing 12 hours. It has an hour hand and a minute hand. A few analog watches also have a second hand. The numerals can be traditional numbers or Roman Numerals.

Automatic Watch

An automatic watch operates due to the movement of the hand of the wearer. A half disc metal weight known as rotor stores the energy when the arms move. Stored energy in an automatic watch can last somewhere between 24 to 48 hours without wearing it.

Aviator Watch

An aviator watch does not really follow a particular design. With the advancement of technology over the years these watches have been changing in design and features keeping in mind the requirements of its patrons. These watches have to be accurate and readable under dim light conditions.

Dive Watch

These fall under the trendy category and are most prolific among watches for men. Divers demand superlative watches as it is important that their timepieces always show accurate time considering their time under water and the limited supply of oxygen. Features of a dive watch include a corrosion resistant band usually made of silicone or rubber. They are water resistant and the band is usually longer to fit bulky diving equipments.

Quartz Watch

A Quartz watch is a watch that uses synthetic quartz to measure time. It is powered by an oscillator and it runs with the help of a battery.

Racing watch

Race watches are flashier and sporty in looks and features. Tachymeter and chronograph are the two features that define a good racing watch. These are useful to a racer calculating laps on the track while practicing.

Luxury Watch

These are watches that are more of a collector’s item. They are not bought in terms of current trends but more like a heirloom. It has more intrinsic values and is sought after for the image it portrays rather than its basic function i.e. to tell time. Luxury watches are mostly made of some precious metals or precious stones are added to enhance its overall look and value.

Smart Watch

These are latest ones and are designed with a whole lot of advanced features incorporating the advancements in technology. They now come with Smartphone features and they can give training, play music, give alerts, measure your pulse and perform many other varieties of functions.

The list here is just the tip of the iceberg. The first step towards buying the perfect watch starts with the knowledge of what mechanism the watch is using.