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How to Plan for an Interesting Baby Shower

Having baby showers is one the best occasion for the expectant mothers. Therefore having a good plan for the day will make it, even more, fun for the guests and the hosts. In many cultures close friends and relatives are the ones in charge of planning a baby shower. Maybe it is your first time planning an event with a relatively high number of people. However, the tips below will ease your party planning worries.

You should start by establishing the theme for the baby shower. This ‘s not hard as there are so many party themes you can adopt for the baby shower. The decision on baby shower theme can be based on the personality and hobbies of the expectant mother. Jungle theme is among the widely used themes in baby showers.

The next step making of the guest list and drafting the invitation notes. As the baby shower planner, you can ask your pregnant friend on other friends and relatives; they would like to be present for the event. The invitation notes wording should be as brief as possible offering only the essential information such where the baby shower is being held and the time.

After sending invitations notes, you estimate how many guests are likely to show up for the baby shower. This will help in making a budget regarding the drinks and foodstuff to be offered to the guests’ expenses. Planners have a rough estimate of the number of people likely to be present for the baby shower and use the data to develop the budget. Nowadays invites visitors are courteous enough to apologize if they will not be able to attend the baby shower making knowing the number of people coming easily to predict.

Shopping is the next item on the checklist. It is always advisable to buy and stock party supplies and avoid last minute rush to the supermarkets, unless the item is highly perishable. In addition to foodstuff you should also buy decoration accessories to make the venue more presentable for the baby shower, which should be in line with the theme.

Your work as the baby shower planner does not end when the guest goes home. However this is not accurate. It is necessary for the hosts to clean up the venue after the party and assist in drafting of thank you notes. Baby shower planners should realize that the guest had options to do other things but choose to attend the event, and many of them came with gifts making it only courteous to send a proper thank you note to them.

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